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Post  Swiftaaaay on 4th October 2011, 4:32 am

Don't think I introduced myself...

Name is bradley swift, no prizes for guessing where my rsn comes from, Im 17 in November, and live in manchester, england.

I played rs 5years ago at the lowly age of 11, and then quit for WoW, I came back here after my GCSE's and everything had changed ;o shock horror. Anyway I joined 3zealsftw after I made a friend on my def pure and said to, and I was hooked on SW from then on.

I've been in the fc for a month or so I guess, I was pretty active adving and calling here and there, then I went to kill 10000 ghouls, get void and explore the new rs world. Anywho, I'm back and active in the fc again.

so, Hey!

From Swift.

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