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To every new rank!!!!!!!:

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To every new rank!!!!!!!:

Post  Motive on 19th November 2012, 9:31 am

I will tell you some stuff about 3zealsftw because everytime I get asked the same questions like "who are the co-owners?" etc...

The co-owners are, Me (motive), bhaskar, gunny, Greetins Bro AKA coen, And Giants Life AKA dave,
the owner is: xAustralia AKA adam

co-owners are like the people who have access to 3zealsftw, also u can tell whos a co and whos not because of their rank, if you see a general hes a co-owner, general is a gold star.

The maximum rank in 3zealsftw is captain, its a kickable rank btw! since general is only reserves for dem co-owners.
Oh yeah, also know we are a fc that has been around for 3+ years Very Happy Razz Razz, you can call for rank up blah blah...

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