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The Risky Methods of calling! Only do this if...

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The Risky Methods of calling! Only do this if...

Post  Motive on 18th November 2012, 5:47 am


Method 1: Is called lobby calling, basically at 1+3 you look at where people run to (which team) and if they run to a color, call it. If you do not c them run to a team, then at 0+3 click green portal and call the opposite team u land on, BE CAREFUL NOT TO ENTER GREEN AT EXACTLY 0+3, wait 5 seconds until people get into the teams. When you call the team then look at switches/fakes, if you c a mass of people switching call switch, if u arent sure if its a switch or not, then enter green after 5 seconds, then if u land on the team that was called, then it is a switch, you call the opposite team. until 20+3 u can call final.

Method 2: Use another acc (make another acc) remember: new accs are member for 2 weeks, so once u make another acc join swz at 2+3, ofc u might get kicked, if u get kicked use the lobby calling method, I would use this method, when u get kicked, then I would start the lobby calling thing.

Method 3: Have your low level friend go in the fc we leak and pm u calls, again only do this if u cant find a leaker until 2+3.

R E M E M B E R, the ONLY times you can do this is when:

You cant find a leaker until 2+3, not only that but if the whole fc ranks dont have a leaker, and if no one is calling, and if ur the only rank.

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