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Quitting Fc for some time.

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Quitting Fc for some time.

Post  Polar Look on 11th October 2012, 5:29 am

Sorry Guys,
Rs Canceled My Membership For No Reason , I gonna Dung and open Rarely , until i try to get 6m to buy a membership from gunny.Well I'll Miss you all
These are names that i will never , ever , ever FORGET.

Gunny:I love You Bro , You Know What are you saying 100% , Always helped me when i was a recruit/smiley, Goodluck with ur girlfriend Very Happy

Bhaskar:Gl On Owner , You Care 100% about the fc , You take the right decisions , you rock.

Tourism:I like you , your awesome <3

Pungent:<3 , My bro , I always Talked to him , what an awesome cooooooooooooooolo guy.

Motive:Goodluck Bro , your working good to make the fc standing , and ur cool <3
Greetings:Sexy , Cool Guy , Ranked me To Captain , And Recruit I will Love you and will forever.

Drako: Stupid ass , haha jk your Cool

I can Forget Someone , tell me if i did Very Happy
Polar Look

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Re: Quitting Fc for some time.

Post  Gunny on 11th October 2012, 7:41 am

U can buy 1 for 800k
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