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Rank Application - FuzePistole

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Rank Application - FuzePistole

Post  Fuze Pistole on 11th July 2012, 11:47 am

Why do you deserve a rank/promotion?
(good reasons please)
Well a year ago in this clan i was a silver star rank (not sure what that is :p
) but ive been back playing runescape and soulwars and i have good leaks for calls so i could definatly do it , um im a friendly guy and some of you have talked to me before but iwill still work to advertise and get us out there on youtube Smile

What is your combat level?
My combat level is 71. Im not a pure or any of that sort im just a balanced player with high skill levels Smile

Do you know how to call/will you call?
Yes Smile I have called before in this chat and i would still call at anytime i was needed or needed fpr help

How long will you be playing soul wars for?
I will be playing soul wars until i get bored of runescape which will probably be a year or two and ill be committed everyday Smile

what is your clan rank atm? Currently no rank Sad
Fuze Pistole

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Re: Rank Application - FuzePistole

Post  Adam on 12th July 2012, 1:17 am

Oo seems like a good application we need more callers, definately will add you if i ask around and see that u have been advertising

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