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please read

Post  bbc_sw on 2nd June 2012, 11:18 pm

Why do you deserve a rank/promotion? i know i dont deserve a rank in the eyes of the owners, but ive said what i had to say, and i apologise for anything that you think has/would of happened, im not applying for a rank because i beleive nobody is ready for me to be re-ranked, im applying to be taken off of the ignore list

What is your combat level? i have 3 accs i use alot, i have a cb 62, X2 cb 123's

Do you know how to call/will you call? ofc i do, but as i said before, im not applying for a rank, but if im offered a rank i wouldnt decline. and yes i know how to call, ask any rank who knows me

How long will you be playing soul wars for? i dont play for xp, i play for fun...so a long time<3

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