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please read, im not here to start any drama

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please read, im not here to start any drama

Post  bbc_sw on 2nd June 2012, 11:11 pm

some of you may know me...some not, i used to be a general but i had an arguement over a reason id prefer not to discuss. id like to say bhaskar that im sorry if i gave you the wrong impression of what you saw that day, but beleive me...i was not going to mass kick the fc, and dont u think if i was 'planning' to...id of done it in the previous 3-4 months of being gen...why would i wait until now to do so, well anyway like i said i dont want to start anything here...but bhaskar, please pm me on here when u read this, id like to sort this out and get involved with the fc again if possible, much love to the friends i still have in 3zftw<3

also, i had no intention of joining nex, ive hated that fc since it come around, i hated it when i was in demonslay, and i hated it when i was with you...and i still hate them. please find it in you to forget what you saw, and umm forgive...if you think thats the right word for it, well anyway, please pm me bhaskar and ty for reading
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