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Global rules

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Global rules

Post  Albert on 7th April 2012, 10:25 pm

For the ones who are too lazy to read all the rules, and forum procedures, here are just the GLOBAL Rules.
Do not break them.

The rules for the Ingame Chat and Forum are as follows:

1. Keep Spamming to a minimum and don't post ENTIRELY off-topic. If anybody spams multiple times, then a warning should be given.
Spam on the forums is making posts containing only some small word(s) or posting completely off-topic.
This is either to gain post count or to troll. Some examples:
- People posting "bump" to bump own threads.
- Completely posting off-topic.
- Posting nonsense such as "auipfbapifbrfapb-lol".
Spamming is only allowed in the Off-Topic section of the forum, nowhere else!

2. Do not advertise the buy or sale of any real world good.
This includes everything related to real life money.

3. Do not advertise for buy or sale Runescape Accounts/Runescape items/Runescape cash.

4. Respect the Staff

5. Do not ask for real world information from any player you do not know in the real world.

6. Please keep arguing (flaming) to a minimum, this also includes trolling.

7. 3zealsftw does not tolerate spamming of advertisements anywhere within 3zf-community.
You cannot advertise the following:
* A fellow website, or another community.
* A Youtube channel.
* Servers, or any other game.
* Fansites (Unless it's 3ZF approved, Also must be affiliated.)
If caught spamming or advertising the above, without a warrant, a moderator will ban you, or ask you questions
and either ipmute or punish you in any other way. Depends on the situation.

8. Signatures should not take up more than 1 screen. Don't overflow our forum with useless pictures!

9. Putting chats, such as xat chats, in your signature is not allowed either. The loading of these chats
causes players visiting the threads you've posted in to lag. This is also a form of advertising since xat isn't affliated with us.

10. Nude pictures or any other explicit material as avatar/profile picture/signature isn't tolerated either.
Posting them is obviously against the rules as well. For party Pete's sake, we have children playing this game.

11. Impersonating a staff member will resolve in an instant ban/ipban.

12. Threatening to shut down the forum resolves into an immediate ipban.

13. Please keep swearing to a minimum, no excessive swearing allowed otherwise action will be taken. Also please don't direct swearing towards people. We don't mind swearing, we just don't want to look at it all the time.
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