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Just intro myself....

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Just intro myself....

Post  Chris Lexius on 4th October 2011, 5:15 am

Maybe some member 3zealsftw already know me. I'm Chris Lexius. I am long enough in 3zealsftw and decided to permanently in this FriendChat.
By joining this FC I have raised a lot of levels like Constitution, Attack, Strength, Def, Magic, Ranged and also Prayer (cut many cost also my time!). Almost everydays I'm online both w44 also normal world. Well 3zealsftw quite interesting and fun with their member. Also I love this FC because they can accept me and not spam so much *ofc you can adv about this FC but i just give you advice not too fast. Just it... Thanks Smile
Chris Lexius

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Re: Just intro myself....

Post  Guest on 4th October 2011, 5:51 am

Welcome my friend,

*Mute cough* *cough*
Hope you'll stay active in 3zealsftw FC & forums.


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