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I logged on and 3zf was empty

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I logged on and 3zf was empty

Post  We Own Sw on 24th August 2011, 12:57 am


opps sorry the FC was cut off but there was only 2 non ranks and 1 smiley

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Re: I logged on and 3zf was empty

Post  Guest on 24th August 2011, 1:54 am

This is correct,
Nine people when I logged in.
After advertising it' halfway now.

But strange things are happening.

++ DERANK Pvm IuseDul

When I asked him to help the cc, he ignores + doesn't help in the time we need him.
Why do we needed him? I and WOS are the only ranks online, I'm adving, wos is calling.
Fking lazy ass. Straight demotion ftw.


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