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kick system

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kick system

Post  Karim on 20th July 2011, 9:09 pm

Hello all.
I think this is better but its adam and cos choice so read and enjoy thanks again

Kick system 1.0

Captain (or bronze star your choice) should be able to kick so if any probs the trusted generals can be able to kick
(Same as for luietent but captain + general can kick them) so incase any issues happen fight mass. Dis respectful thingz or more a higher rank can be able to kick. The lower one

Read and thx tell me what u think >.<

Ъτ̅щ between captain and generals is like 10 steps cause your like almost a mod or a co of the clan
And no not everyone will be a co cause we all don't want 200 ppl on 3zf...
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