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Ranking system suggestion

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Ranking system suggestion

Post  smfd-you 0hp - Cobes on 28th February 2011, 7:35 pm

okayz, i've had this ambitious idea that we extend the ranks on the forums and make them more formal. Here is a code i think we should go by. (remember this is only a suggestion <got the idea from cod> ) Very Happy

more than one person can be each rank of course and umm... i guess this may slow the amount of ranks we're promoting. (the more gens we have.. the more mass kicks seem to occur.)

like i said. suggestion. Very Happy each extra step (directed at generals) is a step closer to bein co.

I also suggest that we have someone moderating the forum clan ranks. (this is only a suggestion)
Rank l - Private 1
Rank 2 - Private ll --- Friend ranks
Rank 3 - Private lll

Rank 4 - Recruit l
Rank 5 - Recruit ll --- Recruit ranks
Rank 6 - Recruit lll

Rank 7 - Corporal l
Rank 8 - Corporal ll --- Corporal ranks
Rank 9 - Corporal lll

Rank 10 - Sergeant l
Rank 11 - Sergeant ll --- Sergeant ranks
Rank 12 - Sergeant lll

Rank 13 - 1st Lieutenant l
Rank 14 - 1st Lieutenant ll --- Lieutenant ranks
Rank 15 - 1st Lieutenant lll

Rank 16 - Captain l
Rank 17 - Captain ll --- Captain ranks
Rank 18 - Captain lll

Rank 19 - Major General l
Rank 20 - Major General ll --- Lower general ranks (recently promoted, 3 month intermission)
Rank 21 - Major General lll

Rank 22 - Lieutenant General l
Rank 23 - Lieutenant General ll --- High General ranks (step before co-owner)
Rank 24 - Lieutenant General lll

Rank 25 - General l
Rank 26 - General ll --- Co-owners (highest rank achievable)
Rank 27 - General lll

Commander - Fucking Adam ofc Very Happy
smfd-you 0hp - Cobes

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Re: Ranking system suggestion

Post  Karim on 20th July 2011, 7:25 am

Co must take like 20 steps not easy
Need to be like 188888888888888888% trusted
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