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3ZEALSFTW's Hottest Rank!!!!

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3ZEALSFTW's Hottest Rank!!!!

Post  Gods Defence on 17th January 2011, 1:51 pm

Okay, I'm a 16 year old male from Queensland/Australia, I also play the best sport in the world "AFL"

My soul wars career started about 6months ago when i joined a cc called "Megazeals", I quickly wen't through the ranks and was general in no time. About 1 month after it started the clan was hacked by numerous cc's, including failsyther (who at the time was a clan with no combat requirements). I quit soul wars shortly after that and started skilling. One day when I was doing agility, for the 3rd time that day i died and lost 5m. I got annoyed and decided to jab at the laptop screen (no need to guess, yes the screen broke, RAGEQUIT). I decided i needed a break after that and two months later I decided to come back and get 99 prayer at soul wars. I advertised for my rank in "3zealsftw" and become general rather quickly. I am currently aiming for 99 prayer, then 99 slayer at soul wars, and now thanks to free trade coming back, I will also be aiming to get 200m xp in Prayer. What a Face

So that's me at the moment, I hope to see everyone around soul wars Very Happy . BTW, for those who have been calling me adam these last few days, I AM NOT ADAM, Adam is the noob who posted bellow me, Alabamaboy sometimes also.

. . ..::;;:. ¸‹-·~·-›¸ ::;;;†hë ïLïvë Brøthërš ¸::::,‹-·~·-›¸ .:;;::.. . .
. ..::;;:. '{. .„¸ ¸„. .} :;;::.. Wë Çhïll ..::;;:.... {. .„¸ ¸„. .}' .:;;::.. .
. . ..::;;:. ';¸¨´,`¨¸;' :;;::.:.. Wë Skïll ..:.::;;: ';¸¨´,`¨¸;' .:;;::.. . .
. . . ..::;;:. '·'-'-'·' .:;;:;::.:...'Wë KILL'..:.::;:;;:. '·'-'-'·' .:;;::.. . . .

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Gods Defence
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Re: 3ZEALSFTW's Hottest Rank!!!!

Post  Adam on 19th January 2011, 4:24 pm

<3 he got that all right he is "fucking" me irl <3 hahah jokes Smile, his name isnt adam im adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rawr. Mad learn to introduce urself ilive newb

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