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Calling a Call for All

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Calling a Call for All

Post  1 Proud Nerd on 28th December 2010, 11:18 am

Sorry for this everyone, but I was thinking to myself, that the Caling system could be changed a little.

I am not saying its bad, it is great, but at times may be alittle confusing.

So here is a Rough-Draft'ed Rule I have thought of:
" To apon an Caller calling in the Clan (Official (chosen) OR any "Ranked" Clan Member (in a first server situation) will be allowed to "Closeing the Clan" for their speeech in shooseing the next team color, (given of an period of time for silence). Which then there for will announce the color in 3-5 lines onle. Then there for "Opening the Clan" for others to talk with ease. "
"Which during that time period no other personal (Rankie) will submit (put in a) word or empty space useage."

Sorry but I thought that could be an Ideal rule For Calling.
Please respong if you like or dis-like this idea, for I would like to hear your reply.
~ Thank You, yours OhhYeah <¤>¿<¤>
P.S: AND A HAPPY HOLIDDAY TO ALL (of 2010) santa
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Re: Calling a Call for All

Post  Guest on 28th December 2010, 11:15 pm

this is more of a suggestion and u allready posted it there

i will think about this



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